Everton goalkeeper Jan Mucha flaunted driving ban because he doesn’t read his own mail

Jan Mucha wonders how he's going to get home (Getty)
Jan Mucha wonders how he's going to get home (Getty)

Driving luxury vehicles without any kind of valid license is all the rage among Premier League players, along with offering paper-thin excuses when they are reprimanded by the legal system.

When Nicklas Bendtner was caught driving an Audi Q7 with no license, insurance or proper plates last year, he told police "I have a friend who sorts that stuff our for me." In January, Carlos Tevez received a ban for ignoring speeding fines and driving without a license, but his representatives in court pleaded that he didn't understand the word "constabulary" on the warning letters.

Everton back-up goalkeeper Jan Mucha is the latest Premiership player to throw caution to the rules of the road, after being caught driving without a license or insurance while serving a ban he picked up for speeding on too many occasions. His excuse? He didn't know he was banned as he doesn't read his own mail. The Liverpool Echo reports:

The 30-year-old was yesterday ordered to do 250 hours unpaid work by magistrates after being caught driving through Wilmslow, Cheshire, while banned from the road.

He told police in interview he had no idea he was not allowed to drive because he simply passed all his own mail on to the club to read and sort.

Michelle Brown, defending, later said Mucha was aware he was disqualified until March 12 and had simply miscalculated when the ban ended.

Mucha, currently standing in for the injured Tim Howard, may not even get to serve all of the 250 hours of "unpaid work" as he is likely to leave the UK when his contract at Goodison Park expires in June. The Slovakian was also ordered to pay costs totalling £145, which will surely teach the Premier League footballer a financial lesson he will never forget.

The most incredible aspect of his story is the insight it gives into the mollycoddled and insular life of a professional footballer. Do they really not even open their own mail? Do club employees have to come and brush their teeth for them in the morning? It's little wonder that more than half of them go broke after retirement if they don't even know how to pay the utility bill.