Ever Banega’s new Ferrari burnt to a crisp, continuing his bad experiences with his own cars

Brooks Peck

Valencia's Ever Banega has had terrible luck when it comes to cars this year. Back in February, he suffered a broken ankle that kept him out for six months after it rolled backwards while he was filling up at a gas station because he forgot to set the handbrake. Now, his super expensive new Ferrari has been charred to a crisp because of a "short circuit."

From Reuters:

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The vehicle that caught fire on Monday was a brand new Ferrari worth around 250,000 euros [$306,506], the [Valencia] spokesman added, and pictures carried in local media showed only the front part of the car remained unscathed with the rest, including the passenger cabin, burnt to a black crisp.

The blaze seemed to have been caused by some sort of short circuit, the spokesman said.

According to Spanish paper AS, Banega was driving the car outside of Valencia when he saw smoke coming from the back of the car and that the fire occurred spontaneously. In 2010, Ferrari recalled the 458 Italia because "an adhesive used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender can ignite under high temperatures, leading to a larger fire in the engine bay."

Though he was fortunate to make it out unharmed, after this, Ever Banega might just start taking the bus.

UPDATE: Here's video of Banega trying to get a bucket of water at Valencia's training ground to put out the fire engulfing his car before the fire department arrived to do the job with actual hoses...

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