Even Martin Jol professing his love for Clint Dempsey couldn’t get him to stay at Fulham

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ahead of Clint Dempsey's first trip back to Craven Cottage since forcing a move to Tottenham on summer transfer deadline day, he said that he left Fulham because he didn't feel "valued and appreciated" enough. But Fulham manager Martin Jol says he did everything he could to show his appreciation for the American international, who has two goals in 11 appearances for Spurs this season. Including a last-ditch, blunt "I love you."

From the BBC:

"He didn't feel appreciated financially, but I am not the one deciding over the contracts.

"He said it time after time again that he wanted to go to a Champions League club.

"Even when I said in my last conversation with him that I loved him, it was not good enough to keep him here."

Asked if there was anything Fulham could have done to get make him stay, Jol replied: "No, no.

Maybe if Jol stood outside Dempsey window holding an iPod dock over his head in the rain, Clint would've realized what he was walking out on. Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas probably doesn't love him. He probably wouldn't make a doll out of Dempsey's hair either. But Martin Jol would. Martin Jol definitely would.

Disturbing image via the Sexy Managers Calendar 2013

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