Even fans in Portugal are chanting Messi’s name at Cristiano Ronaldo now

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Hearing Lionel Messi's name chanted at him while on international duty has become a regular occurance for Cristiano Ronaldo. Bosnian, German, and Danish fans have all done it (while Peruvian fans have given Messi the reverse treatment), but now Ronaldo isn't even safe from the cruel repetition of Messi's name in his home country.

Upon arriving at Portugal's training camp before they host Ecuador in a friendly on Wednesday, Ronaldo was serenaded with the familiar chant of "Messi, Messi, Messi" by a man amongst the small group outside the complex. With a smile on his face, Ronaldo still stopped to sign an autograph and shake a hand before walking past the photographers with a sigh and a bemused look on his face.

According to AS, when he was later asked abou the incident, Ronaldo said he was accustomed to it. "I'll just comment on one thing," he said. "It's a situation that happened in all parts of the world and I have to be prepared to deal with it."

Clearly the Messi chants are played out. From now on, people who aren't particularly fond of Ronaldo should chant Steve Sidwell's name at him just to confuse him.

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