The Euro 2012 opening ceremony was entertainingly odd

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Opening ceremonies for major sporting events always have a "the people who came up with this were in the midst of manic delusions" type quality to it and the show to start Euro 2012 was no different.

Taking place at the brand new National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland before the tournament's opening match between Poland and Greece, the show had all the dancers and costumes you've come to expect, but what set this apart from all others was when Hungarian pianist Adam Gyorgy stopped his performance of Chopin (who was Polish) -- which was "modernized" by DJ Goldshirt -- and threw off his tuxedo jacket to reveal a white bowtie T-shirt with "Adam 10" on the back. He then did a bit of mediocre freestyling with a football because the director apparently didn't say no to any ideas presented to him. It was like having Cristiano Ronaldo play piano before an Adam Gyorgy concert.

You can see Gyorgy's routine here (about 4:30 into the video)...

Some highlights from the rest of the performance:

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