Esteban Granero is faster than Cristiano Ronaldo (in a go kart)

Dirty Tackle

For obvious reasons, professional footballers aren't allowed to take part in dangerous or extreme sports, and contracts often stipulate they're not allowed to ride on or own motorbikes. So naturally, the entire Real Madrid squad convened at a go kart track in the Spanish capital yesterday, with the ultimate goal of helping club sponsor Audi sell some more cars.

According to German tabloid Bild, the players' driving styles matched their on-pitch characteristics: Cristiano Ronaldo was ambitious, Sergio Ramos difficult to get past and Mesut Özil was "as careful as a shy deer".

The day was as competitive as you might expect — with many players taking to Twitter with weak excuses for their performances — but it was Arsenal target Esteban Granero who finished top of the podium, with a best lap around 0.6 second quicker than runner-up Karim Benzema.

The whole day was an excuse for Audi to deliver the players their new (read: "free") cars. Although C-Ron showed fallibility on the track, he'll almost certainly be quickest on the roads — he was gifted an €186,000 R8 Spyder, worth double the A8 that Jose Mourinho drove home.

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