ESPN thinks Arjen Robben plays for Portugal

Brooks Peck

Euro 2012's Group B is quite disorienting with four teams all ranked among the top 10 in the world, but distinguishing which players go with each nation shouldn't be that hard. Still, ESPN Deportes (note the Spanish) got a little confused when creating a graphic to promote the Germany v Portugal match, using a picture of Arjen Robben (in his Netherlands kit) to represent Portugal.

Somewhat surprisingly it wasn't Mario Gomez on the German side that tripped them up, but Robben most definitely is not Portuguese even though the Dutch might try to disown him after his performance in their 1-0 loss to Denmark.

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Anyway, mistakes happen, but this is slightly worse than the time ESPN used a picture of Retired Ronaldo to represent Cristiano Ronaldo.

UPDATE: ESPN aren't the only ones having trouble with Portugal graphics. BSkyB's SkyBet thinks Germany are playing Portsmouth...

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