Eric Cantona would like to be manager of Man United and this needs to happen

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since Eric Cantona abruptly retired in 1997 at the age of 30, after just five season with Manchester United, there has been an Eric Cantona sized hole in the Premier League (and, sadly, there has not been a Cantona sized hole in the chests of some Premier League fans). But there is hope of filling that hole with an older, more bearded Cantona!

Between acting in movies and doing not that much in his role as "director of soccer" for the re-reborn New York Cosmos as they prepare for their inaugural season in the U.S. second division next year, Cantona is apparently open to new offers. So when ESPN asked if he would want to manage his former club, he was responsive.

From ESPN:

"I would say, 'United is special, of course I would do it. Today I'm with the New York Cosmos, but if one day there is an opportunity, why not?" he said.

Though that answer is more of a "yeah, sure, whatever" than a "yes, I will murder a puppy to get that job" and he went on to say that he wants Sir Alex Ferguson "to be manager forever," it's still a tantalizing prospect. After all, what's the only thing more terrifying and entertaining than Ferguson's hairdryer treatment? Eric Cantona.

Of course, his coaching experience has so far been limited to six years in charge of France's beach football team (which he led to victory in the first FIFA beach soccer World Cup in 2005) and managing a makeshift Cosmos side for Paul Scholes' testimonial match. But the Premier League needs Cantona back more than he needs experience. Plus, if Ferguson does hang around for forever, which feels possible, then Cantona will have plenty of time to work his way up.

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