England’s Toni Duggan spots ice cream shop robbery after scoring vital Euro 2013 goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After coming off the bench to score a 93rd-minute equalizer in England's second Euro 2013 group-stage match against Russia, 21-year-old striker Toni Duggan returned to the team's Swedish hotel and witnessed an ice cream shop robbery. And you thought you had an interesting day.

From the Guardian:

Duggan said: "I couldn't sleep because of the game and then I heard someone breaking into the ice-cream shop outside the hotel. We've got to know the owner very well, we've given him a ticket to the game and a few flags, so I phoned reception and they got the police. Crazy. The police were talking to us up at our windows and were there all night with their dogs. Hopefully they caught whoever did it."

Duggan's first goal of the tournament and what we can only imagine is her first time witnessing an ice cream shop robbery were not the only firsts of the tournament for her family, though. From the BBC:

"My mum has never flown before, and she came out here to watch me with my little cousin Layla and my auntie, so when I scored I blew a kiss to them," she explained.

"I didn't know what I had to do to get her on the plane, but hopefully that goal has made up for it now."

England's final group-stage match against first-place France will be a difficult one for the struggling side. But maybe Duggan will score a hat trick and bust an international drug ring.

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