England’s Ravel Morrison toys with five San Marino defenders in slow motion

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In another week of handwringing over the state of England's underwhelming national team, the U-21 team beat San Marino 4-0 for a confidence boost as small as the microstate with a population of 32,000. But in that match, England midfielder Ravel Morrison — who has already scored four goals for West Ham this season — displayed a bit of lovely yet useless ball control that the FA decided to highlight with a slow motion video set to powerful music and titled "AMAZING SLO-MOTION SKILL FROM RAVEL MORRISON!" as if trying to prove to the world that, see, English kids can do things too!

Morrison's confounding stepovers and other moves drew in a total of six San Marino defenders before passing it through them to a teammate, but in slow motion and with the music, the video is as funny as it is impressive. The top comment on the video's YouTube page sums it up best, though. "The most inconsequential epicness I've ever seen."

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