England are bookmakers' favorite to produce first World Cup streaker

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It may be difficult to have a punt in the United States, but betting is a huge part of football culture in many countries. In the UK alone, bookmakers are expecting to receive £1bn ($1.7bn) in wagers during the World Cup. That's the equivalent of everyone in the country placing a $27 bet.

With so many folks willing to put their money where their proverbial mouths are, it's inevtiable that some quirky betting markets have emerged to add some variety. The folks at mytopsportsbooks.com have compiled some of the stranger things you can bet on during the tournament in Brazil — check them out below along with DT's expert advice...

Fans to produce the first streaker

England 5/1

Mexico 8/1

Brazil 10/1

DT verdict: England seem like an obvious shout for illegal sporting nudity — it's impossible to watch the Wimbledon Championships without seeing at least one wobbly Brit — but it seems pretty remiss to leave out Spain, who boast the world's most famous streaker: Jimmy Jump. Pile on to the outsider here.

The first group game to erupt into a brawl

Spain vs Netherlands 5/1

Uruguay vs Costa Rica 8/1

Belgium vs Russia 12/1

DT verdict: A single game in which Sergio "Red Card" Ramos and Nigel "I kick Spaniards in the chest during World Cup Finals" de Jong are involved is definitely primed for a scrap.

The group game where competing fans brawl

Spain vs Netherlands 5/1

Uruguay vs Costa Rica 8/1

Belgium vs Russia 12/1

DT verdict: This is a difficult bet as none of these nations have a specific history of fans trouble. Oh wait, hey Uruguay! You guys love fighting almost as much as you love football! Almost

Fans to create the most fires

Argentina 3/1

Brazil 5/1

England 10/1

DT verdict: Really? This is a thing you can bet on? Well, based on this evidence Argentina have some form, but if we're including fans outside the stadiums, the bookies will be paying out on the Brazilians protesting against FIFA and their government. Take it away, robot voice...


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