Edmilson publicly warns Lucas to beware of new teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The €45 million deal sending Lucas Moura from Sao Paulo to PSG has finally been completed with the opening of the January transfer window and the 20-year-old has already received a public warning from one of his countrymen about his most formidable new teammate. Recently retired former Barcelona defender and Brazil international Edmilson issued a warning to Lucas via Twitter on Wednesday, labeling Zlatan Ibrahimovic a snob.

"Lucas is going to have to stay smart around that snobby Swedish star," Edmilson said, perhaps referencing Zlatan's tendency to kick his teammates when they least expect it.

Edmilson's distaste for Ibrahimovic has been simmering for years now. Though he had left Barcelona before Ibra arrived in 2009, Edmilson told a radio station at the time that he was surprise Barca would swap the "best in the world" Samuel Eto'o for the Swede, adding that Eto'o was "much more of a player" than Ibrahimovic.

It's unclear whether Edmilson just never liked the cut of Zlatan's jib or if Zlatan's power wake of destruction once claimed one of his pets. Either way, he's asking for a smiting.

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