Edin Dzeko is sorry he threw that tantrum overshadowed by Tevez

Brooks Peck
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Before Carlos Tevez's Manchester City career came to an abrupt end without him even leaving the bench, Edin Dzeko was momentarily the club's biggest troublemaker when he threw a tantrum after being subbed out in the 55th minute of that 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich.

And now, perhaps a little frightened by Tevez's suspension and Mancini's threat that the Bosnian striker would spend the next match sitting next to him, Dzeko has decided to apologize.

From the Guardian:

"I know my reaction [to being substituted] was bad and I have spoken to the guys and to the coach," Dzeko said. "I have apologised for the reaction and Roberto has accepted it and said that everything is OK and that we have to be positive for the next game."

"I was unhappy because we were 2-0 down and I wanted to win the game," Dzeko said. "It was something special for me to go back to Germany, where I played for a long time, and I wanted to do well and wanted the team to do well. Things didn't go well for us. That is why I was extra frustrated."

The Bosnian directed a sarcastic thumbs-up in Mancini's direction before becoming embroiled in an angry exchange. Mancini later said he was "furious" with the striker and he reiterated at a team meeting on Thursday that he would not tolerate any more of his players disputing his decisions. The club have decided not to fine Dzeko but he has been warned about his conduct and is hoping to make amends at Ewood Park.

At least one dispute from that match was resolved amicably. And I have to think that the player being able to communicate with his manager helped in some way. Meanwhile, Carlos Tevez is probably trying to figure out how to enrage his next club.

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