Firecrackers that injured Dynamo Moscow’s goalkeeper were smuggled inside female Zenit fan’s body

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The disturbing global trend of fans throwing explosives at footballers continues, this time with a match between Zenit and Dynamo Moscow being abandoned before halftime. Dynamo goalkeeper Anton Shunin was taken to a hospital with burns to his cornea after a firecracker thrown by Zenit fans exploded at his feet. (UPDATE: Police say it was a female fan who smuggled the firecrackers into the stadium inside her body.) Dynamo were winning 1-0 in the 36th minute when it happened.

From ESPN:

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"Anton has a poor vision in one of his eyes," Dynamo doctor Alexander Rezepov said on the club's Twitter account.

"Something had landed near my feet," Shunin wrote. "I looked down and at that moment the petard blew up into my face. Right now I have some problems with my vision and hearing."

There were reports of Zenit fans attacking Dynamo supporters before the match in Khimki, a Moscow suburb.

This incident comes just three days after a match between Independiente and Belgrano in Argentina was abandoned when fans threw firecrackers at Belgrano keeper Juan Olave -- the third case of fans throwing explosives at players in as many months.

Since this just keeps happening, perhaps a clear and concise message is needed to get the necessary point across. That message: Stop throwing explosives at the players, idiots.

UPDATE: According to the RT, police are searching for a female Zenit fan who smuggled the fireworks into the stadium inside her body.

"During the inspection of the stadium after Dynamo's match against Zenit, at which one of the female fans of the St. Petersburg team threw a firecracker on the pitch, injuring the Dynamo goalkeeper, the police found dozens of condoms in the ladies' room," an unnamed source in the police force told Interfax.

The law enforcement officer explained that contraceptives are used to carry the flares into the stands inside the body, being stowed in the vagina or anus.

The report goes on to say that the police have video of a "young woman" throwing the flare that injured Shunin. So, yeah, Russian female fans mean business.

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