Dutch side NEC Nijmegen offer ‘sexy car wash’ as Man of the Match prize

Dirty Tackle

In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed 'The Hierarchy of Needs', a model for human motivation that has been helping businesses understand how to give incentives to their employees ever since.

Eredivisie side NEC Nijmegen has now taken the art of worker motivation one step beyond the Hierarchy of Needs by offering its players the greatest possible reason to strive for success: according to Bild, the player who wins the Man of the Match award at each game will receive a "sexy car wash".

After winning the coveted accolade in a friendly with Osasuna, Icelandic midfielder Victor Pálsson tweeted a picture of his Toyota getting a lascivious cleaning session from three blonde ladies.

Everybody knows the most efficient way to clean a car is with a troupe of disinterested aspiring models in hot pants and stacked heels — that's just science — and history has shown us that professional footballers enjoy cars and women with low self esteem with equal gusto.

So, with this new prize in place, NEC must be riding high at the top of the Eredivisie, right? What's that? They're rock bottom after two games having conceded nine goals? Hmm, looks like they're going to need to order more car shampoo and hot pants...

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