DTotD: Zidane gets tripped by the pitch, falls on his face

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Last week, video of Zinedine Zidane systematically destroying a young goalkeeper two years ago made the rounds, reminding us all how magical he was and apparently still is. Well, this clip of Zidane with school children in Lyon this week (Update: Turns out this clip is also from two years ago when he visited the Danone Nations Cup in Poland) shows that, yes, he is very much human and susceptible to embarrassing tumbles, as well.

Just as he was about to show off his skills for the congregation of kids, Zidane's foot got caught in a divot on the small pitch, sending him face first into the grass. True, he was in street clothes and those shoes don't exactly look ideal for playing, and Marco Materazzi might have set a booby trap. But it still shows that he isn't immune to a good old fashion fail. He even found it quite funny, too. Which could mean that he did it on purpose just to make those kids feel better about the fact that they will never be him.

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