DTotD: A young Thiago Alcantara repeatedly takes down little brother Rafinha

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Thiago is following Pep Guardiola from Barcelona to Bayern Munich in a deal worth €25 million. With this move, Thiago leaves behind younger brother Rafinha, who was recently loaned to Celta Vigo after signing a contract extension with Barca. This is probably something Rafinha would've welcomed when the two brothers were just little kids in matching green and white outfits, because Thiago was his own personal Pepe.

The video above shows a five-year-old Thiago going one-v-one against three-year-old Rafinha on the pitch at Balaidos back when their father, Mazinho, played for Celta Vigo himself. From the beginning, the boys show each other no mercy with Rafinha getting the first tackle in despite starting with the ball. Thiago then kicks back, dislodging his shoe from his own foot.

After a few more bookable offenses, Thiago accidentally kicks his brother square in the crotch at 2:18 into the clip. Once they both recover from that, they go right back to tripping/wrestling each other until Thiago finally trips Rafinha into doing a cartwheel. This makes him cry and walk off the pitch — the same reaction Arjen Robben will have if Thiago does any of this to him during Bayern's training sessions.

These have been the Dirty Tackles of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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