DTotD: This is why Mourinho blames Khedira for Real’s loss

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Real Madrid suffered their first loss of the season to Levante on Sunday and as with any match that doesn't go their way, it included it's share of oddities. The turning point of the match came late in the first half when Angel Di Maria responded to a shove in the back from one Levenate player by going in with a two-footed lunge on another right in the front of the linesman.

A stand-off ensued and Di Maria decided to be even more horrible by invoking the power of Sergio Busquets to fall down and clutch his face after no contact whatsoever. Though Di Maria was only shown a yellow for all of this, Sami Khedira was sent off with his second booking for a light shove while trying to defend his teammate. So, after the match, Jose Mourinho decided to blame him for the loss (and not, say, Angel Di Maria). From Reuters:

"The blame in my opinion lies with one of my players who was lured into a trap," Mourinho told a news conference.

"In part he is responsible for the defeat, I have no problem in saying it, but the referee also shares the blame, as do I and the players," the former Inter Milan and Chelsea manager added.

Given Di Maria's performance, the next Clasico could turn out to be a competition between him and Busquets to see who can clutch their untouched face the most.