DTotD: Unconscious footballer dumped off stretcher

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Before you feel too awful about yourself while watching this video, know that the unconscious footballer dropped on his head by the bumbling stretcher carriers is reportedly going to make a full recovery. That player is 19-year-old Olhanense striker Salvador Agra and he probably doesn't remember much of his side's 2-1 win over Uniao Leiria in the Portuguese Liga on Sunday. Just before halftime, Agra took a knee to the head, which knocked him out cold.

In the rush to get him into an ambulance, one medic seemed to be a little to eager to keep things moving and roughly plopped Agra onto the stretcher before picking it up too fast and dumping the player back onto the pitch. They eventually did get him in that ambulance, but if this clip teaches you anything it's that you should never let that one guy help you move.

Video via 101gg