DTotD: Ukrainian goalkeeper punches opponent in the face

Dirty Tackle

Wednesday's Ukrainian Cup game between Vorskla Poltava and Tavriya Simferopol was a tense affair, with vistors Tavriya taking a three-goal lead before the home side scrapped back and replied with two.

After the final whistle, a conflict between Tavriya goalkeeper Serhiy Pohorilyi and Vorskla's Artem Hromov could not be resolved with words, so the gloves came off. Well, not literally, as the keeper kept his gloves on while delivering a solid left-hook to the midfielder's jaw. Even though the game was over, Pohorilyi received a red card.

The best thing about this incident is Hromov's reaction. Instead of comically flying back through the air, rolling on the floor 17 times and convulsing like a cat that's just chewed through the mains supply, he looks completely unfazed, and almost disinterested by the fact that he's been smashed in the face in front of thousands of people.

He'd never make it in the Premier League with stoicism like that.

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Video via 101gg

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