DTotD: Ukrainian footballer sent off for headbutting teammate

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Hoverla Uzhhorod's Volodymyr Lysenko was sent off for headbutting teammate Mirko Raicevic in a Ukrainian match last week. Raicevic ran over to Lysenko and apparently said something that Lysenko didn't appreciate. The pair bumped chests and then Lysenko delivered the headbutt, sending Raicevic to his knees as he clutched his face.

And since all of this happened right in front of the referee, Lysenko was quickly shown a red card and escorted off the pitch. The good news? Lysenko is only on loan at Hoverla from Metalist. Surely "headbutting his teammates" is some kind of violation of the agreement that could get him sent back early if necessary. Maybe.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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