DTotD: Taiwanese animation of Aaron Ramsey killing famous people with his goals

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

By now you have probably heard of the tenuous attempt to link Aaron Ramsey's occasional goal-scoring to several notable deaths that have happened in the days that followed. Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Muammar Gaddafi and, most recently, Whitney Houston have all coincidentally died in the days after a Ramsey goal for Arsenal (his goals for Wales apparently do not have fatal powers). And now, the bizarre news team at Taiwan's NMAtv have given Ramsey's "kick of death" their animated treatment.

In NMA's version of events, each person's death is literally caused by a football. They show Steve Jobs' life support machine getting smashed by one and Whitney Houston gets hit in the head while she takes pills on the edge of a bathtub. Poor taste or just NMA being NMA?

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