DTotD: Romanian goalkeeper bites opponent’s arm in match that had six red cards

Brooks Peck

A Romanian Liga match between Petrolul and Gaz Metan went careening off the rails, resulting in six red cards, 15 minutes of added time and an all too accurate Luis Suarez impression. With Gaz Metan up 1-0 just over an hour into the match, striker Tha'er Bawab went down in the center circle with an apparent injury. Petrolul felt he was faking to waste time, so one of their players yanked Bawab up by his leg, prompting a scuffle.

Petrolul goalkeeper Mircea Bornescu made the horrible decision to get involved and the even worse decision to sink his teeth into Bawab's arm not unlike what Luis Suarez did to Branislav Ivanovic in April. Unlike the Suarez incident, Bornescu's victim reacted by punching him square in the head and the referee showed the flesh eating keeper a red card.

In total, there were 11 yellow cards in the match (six for Petrolul, 5 for Gaz Metan) and six reds (two for Petrolul and four for Gaz Metan). All but one yellow card came in the second half. As a result of these disturbances, there was a staggering 15 minutes of injury time, during which a penalty was awarded to Petrolul, allowing them to equalize.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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