DTotD: Philadelphia Union prepare for new season by fighting Costa Rican club

The Philadelphia Union are preparing for the upcoming MLS season with a trip to Costa Rica, home to their very first partner club, Deportivo Saprissa. Whatever goodwill between Philly and Costa Rica was established with that deal was quickly bruised, however, when the Union fell behind 2-0 to Primera Division club Belen FC in a routine friendly before proving are already in midseason scuffling form.

After getting frustrated by a Belen defender, Union midfielder Michael Farfan decided to unleash his fury with a lunge from behind on another Belen player, who avoided it with an impressive bit of levitation. With a bit of convenient editing, the video uploaded by Belen cuts to the two teams fighting and the Union's Keon Daniel chucking the ball at an opponent.

The match was soon abandoned even though they only made it midway through the first half and Belen's official website accused Philadelphia of "anti-futbol."

This is definitely a team ready to beat the LA Galaxy. Or at least throw balls at them.

Video: The Brotherly Game via Deadspin