DTotD: Paraguayan footballer kicks referee in the face during melee

A footballer in Paraguay expressed his displeasure with the referee's decision to send off two of his teammates in quick succession by kicking the official in the face. During the Liga Regional del Sud between Coronel Romero and Porvenir, a kamikaze tackle in the 71st minute resulted in a straight red card for Porvenir's Aldo Olmedo. His teammate then ran over to the referee to protest, bumping him with his chest in the process, which prompted the ref to send him off as well.

That upset the rest of the Porvenir players, who all charged towards the official with the team's No. 11 going airborne to deliver a kick square to the ref's face. The police were quick to get involved, preventing the attack from going any further. And with Coronel up 2-0, the match was halted.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.