DTotD: Lionel Messi birthday compilation

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's Lionel Messi's 24th birthday, so to mark the occasion, here's a compilation of some of his finest work in evading the futile efforts to bring him down. You can elbow him, you can lunge at him, you can pull his shirt, but in the end, Messi will still find a way to embarrass you and then giggle at how easy it was to do so.

Pele recently said yet again that Leo needs to score more than his 1,283 goals in order to be considered the best ever. But whether he's considered the best, second best or 145th best ever doesn't really matter. And I doubt he'll be counting goals in the hopes of sticking it to Pele. Though 1,283 could be a good target number for next season.

Happy birthday, Lionel. I hope you get the Lego fire station we sent.