DTotD: K-League footballer knocked out by simultaneous punch and clash of heads

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With his family watching from the stands, FC Seoul's Colombia international Mauricio "Mao" Molina was knocked unconscious early in a K-League Classic match against Busan lPark. Molina, a defender and the goalkeeper all attempted to be the first to reach a cross into the box. Unfortunately for Molina, the defender's head and the goalkeeper's fist both connected with his head, sending him crashing down with violent force.

Immediately realizing that he was in trouble, Molina's teammates turned him onto his back and reached into his mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue. The team's medical staff rushed to him and frantically worked to open his airway as he remained unresponsive.

Making this even more harrowing was the fact that Molina's wife and sons were in the stands, visibly shaken by what they just witnessed. A stretcher and an ambulance were brought onto the pitch as TV cameras focused on Molina's wife, who appeared unsure what she should do. Amazingly, Molina sat up and walked off under his own power as his son wiped away tears.

Molina later tweeted a link to the video above and offered his thanks for messages of support from his fans. "Now I feel fine and I'm resting at home pending further evaluations," he added.

On Instagram, he posted images of himself after sitting up from the collision and his son in the stands along with the words, "This was the power that woke me up yesterday, the strength of my family. My wife @almarla that under the desperate try to aid me and my two sons field # Alejo and # Mares suffering in the gallery. The most powerful force sent from heaven. I love them!"

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