DTotD: Joey Barton steps on Danny Guthrie’s crotch while Guthrie receives treatment

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Joey Barton equalized for QPR with a 78th minute free kick in their match against Reading. About 10 minutes later, Barton's former Newcastle teammate Danny Guthrie, now with Reading, was on his back receiving treatment in a sensitive area. But Barton apparently felt Guthrie was wasting time to preserve a draw, so he first tossed an empty water bottle at Guthrie's crotch and then gave the area a vigorous rub with the bottom of his boot.

Though the referee was right there to see it, no one seemed too upset about Barton's antics. Except for the guy who had his studs in his junk. Guthrie was substituted in the 89th minute and the match ended 1-1 shortly after.

Was this Joey Barton's misguided revenge after he was hit in the head with a plastic bottle by a Burnley fan two weeks ago or just his natural reaction to seeing another human being in a vulnerable position?

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