DTotD: Iranian youth team coach brawls with referee

Dirty Tackle

While most European managers attack referees after the final whistle with their sharp tongues, a youth coach in Tehran chose the more direct approach of using his fists.

Earlier this week, the man officiating a tie between two Iranian youth teams irked one of the coaches with a few contentious decisions. The tiny manager—seen in the video above in the tiny green shirt—started a verbal slanging match and was duly sent off.

His temper hadn't settled by full-time, as he stormed back onto the pitch to confront the ref, who immediately reacted by shoving his angry assailant. This started a Peter Griffin and the Chicken-style brawl, which carried on off the pitch, down the tunnel and under the stands...


This is how the referee looked once the action had died down...


Unsurprisingly, the angry little man was arrested, but the folks at 101GG believe he has since been released from prison.

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This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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