DTotD: Gremio, Huachipato coaches spark brawl that includes players, fans and ball boys

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

At the end of Gremio's 1-1 draw against Chilean side Huachipato on the final night of Copa Libertadores group stage matches, a spat between the two managers started a large and at times comical brawl. Gremio manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo was blamed with antagonizing his Huachipato counterpart, Jorge Pellicier, with his laughter and snide remarks.

In the video above, former Real Madrid coach Luxemburgo can be seen smiling and running towards the tunnel as tempers flare. When he reaches the riots cops, he stops and attempts to dodge the charging Huachipato players, but slips and is left in a vulnerable positions as the fight engulfs him. Players from both sides and several fans get involved and the Huachipato ball boys even attempt to do their part by chucking balls into the melee while the riot police try to herd everyone into the tunnel.

Once everything calmed down, Luxemburgo tried to defend himself. From the AP:

"None of this was necessary," Luxemburgo said.

"I was talking to the officiating crew after the match and someone from their team came to me to complain.

"Then I saw their coach coming after me and I started trying to get away because I didn't want to get involved in anything. I was stepped on and one of their players hit me."

That story didn't match Pellicier's version of events. From Reuters:

Pellicier, however, disputed that version of events when quoted by the Chilean daily El Mercurio's website (www.emol.com): "He tried to make fun of us... That's unsporting conduct. He said we should go on holiday, making a gesture with his hand."

With the draw, Gremio and Huachipato both finish with eight points in their group, but Gremio will advance to the round of 16 while Huachipato miss out on goal difference.

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