DTotD: Former player starts brawl at a youth match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Sadly, parents fighting at their kids' sporting events happens pretty much everywhere, but few get as vile as this.

During a match between Levski Sofia's youth team and Cherno, former Bulgarian international Daniel Borimirov (who has a son on Levski) and member of the 1994 World Cup team started a fight with other dads on the touchline that even prompted some of the kids to get involved. The worst comes at the end of the video, though. With the police doing nothing, Borimirov comes running in and sucker punches a guy in a white shirt just as he turns around (1:10 into the video). Then, as a final exclamation point, one of the kids throws something at the guy who got clocked.

This is why some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Credit to Tri Korni for sharing.