DTotD: Eto’o grabs opponent by the neck, shares a laugh with him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In extra time of Anzhi's 1-0 Russian Cup loss to Dynamo Moscow, Samuel Eto'o decided to show that just because he's now the highest paid footballer in the world doesn't mean he's gone soft.

After sending a header just over the bar from right in front of goal, Eto'o stood up and grabbed a Dynamo defender by the throat, prompting a standoff and earning himself a yellow card. It's hard to tell what got Eto'o so angry -- there was a bit of jostling in the box, but it didn't appear to be that bad. He could've also heard some unkind words. Whatever it was, he didn't stay angry long because the two had a giggle together as they walked back up the pitch.

It isn't often a throat grab ends in smiles. It also isn't often the guy grabbing your throat has enough money to buy a space shuttle and blast you into another solar system.

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