DTotD: Ecuadorian keeper apologizes for sending opponent to hospital with a slap

Following a Guayaquil (Ecuador) derby match between Barcelona and Emelec, Barcelona keeper Maximo Banguero slapped Emelec captain and fellow Ecuador international Pedro Quinonez in the face. He did it as he was walking by Quinonez, who was in the process of giving out hugs at the time, and it was more of an awkward palm to face hit than a challenge to a duel. Banguero kept walking and went down the tunnel after his side's 2-0 loss, but Quinonez apparently went into convulsions, prompting Banguero to apologize.

From Reuters:

Emelec officials said that Quinonez was knocked to the ground by the force of the impact, suffered convulsions and nearly lost consciousness.

He spent the night in hospital complaining of dizziness and was released on Monday.

"I want to apologise sincerely to Pedro Quinonez, his family, the supporters, everyone," Banguera told a news conference late on Monday. "I was a bad loser.

"I am aware if there is a sanction, I will have to face it."

Pun intended?

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