DTotD: Carles Puyol, David Villa form human centipede in FIFA 12

We've seen Andy Carroll's passionate kisses and Gerard Pique's huggy takedowns in FIFA 12, but the game's true depravity has so far gone unnoticed. Until now.

In a match that appears to be Barcelona v Barcelona, Victor Valdes takes out both Carles Puyol and David Villa with one tackle in the box, launching the two players into an unsettling Human Centipede type situation. Unfortunately for Puyol, he is the back end.

Bringing the whole thing to a suitably odd conclusion, Puyol has a full-bodied convulsion with his face still attached to Villa's backside before they both stand up and walk away like they didn't just share the most intimate moment of their lives. Now who's ready for another Clasico?