DTotD: The Busquets Peek has invaded Copa Libertadores

The Busquets Peek -- a move in which a thespian footballer feigns a blow to the head then takes a sneaky look around for the ref once on the ground -- may have been perfected by Sergio Busquets and imitated by Didier Drogba on European soil, but like any fearsome plague, it has now spread to foreign shores.

During Wednesday's Copa Libertadores match between Defensor Sporting and Chivas, Defensor Braian Aleman nearly gave himself whiplash as he pretended to take a phantom elbow to the face just outside the box. Then, to see if the ref had fallen for his ruse, he peeked out from behind his arm with one eye as his legs flailed behind him.

And just the even out the yin and yang of false victims and hidden attacks, Aleman's teammate, Ramon Arias, tried to hide an actual elbow to an opponent's face by pretending to wipe his nose in the most spastic was possible. This too went unpunished. Defensor won 1-0.

Thanks to @PedroUnplugged for the tip!