DTotD: Brazilian goalkeeper earns yellow for flying kick takedown

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Stopping an opponent in the box can be difficult for some goalkeepers, but Dida Valdemar of Brazilian Serie B side America-RN has developed a fool-proof technique that will not only put opponents on the ground, but make them think twice about trying to score ever again. Assuming, of course, that they still have the capacity to even think once after said technique is implemented against them.

During a match against Ceara, Dida came charging off his line as Romario (not that one) tried to reign in a long, bouncing goal kick. To ensure Romario (again, not that one) didn't gain control of the ball, Dida went flying at him with one leg extended like a spear with a boot on the end of it. Though the spear boot didn't seem to connect, the rest of Dida's body did, completely obliterating Romario (still not that one) and earning the keeper a yellow card.

Dida was lucky not to get sent off and Romario was lucky he was able to continue in the match that eventually ended in a 1-1 draw.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

Video via The Offside/101gg

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