DTotD: Brazilian footballer attacks referee, gets arrested on the pitch

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a Campeonato Amazonense match between Iranduba and Sao Raimundo-AM, there was a bit of a freakout. According to Globo, Iranduba's Derlan made a gesture to express his belief that the referee was stealing the game after he was shown the yellow card. The fourth official alerted the ref of this, so just as he moved to book Derlan a second time and send him off, Derlan snapped.

He charged at the referee and started throwing punches like he was trying to win a prize. The other official intervened, as did Derlan's teammates and the police, who arrested Derlan for the assault.

Somone needs to tell Santos' president that the only difference between football in Brazil and football in Europe is just snow.

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