DTotD: Argentine striker kung-fu kicks goalkeeper in the chest after getting sent off

Argentine striker Gaston Cellerino was sent off near the end of a Chilean Primera Division match between his Union La Calera side and Wanderers after receiving his second yellow card. As he trudged off the pitch, opposing goalkeeper Mauricio Viana got a bit too close and Cellerino brushed him away, prompting Viana to drop the ground like he was hurt.

A brief standoff between Cellerino and another Wanderers player ensued, but when Viana rushed back into it, Cellerino decided he had had enough and unleashed a wicked kung-fu kick to his chest. Viana was out for the count and Cellerino was dragged off, surely for the last time he will see a pitch for a long while. Nigel De Jong has nothing on him, but Eric Cantona will probably send him a fruit basket.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

H/T: 101gg