DTotD: Argentine player tackles opponent with his head, losses three teeth and gets yellow card

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

This, my friends, is the Dirty Tackle of the Year. In the final minutes of a 0-0 match against Boca Juniors, Argentinos Juniors' 19-year-old midfielder Gaspar Iniguez stumbled as he charged towards Cristian Erbes and ended up tackling him with his head. Erbes' feet connected with Iniguez's face, knocking out three teeth. And as the cherry on top, the referee booked Iniguez for the challenge gone wrong.

Iniguez's head-first defending ended up being reminiscent of John Terry's attempt to block a shot in England's match against Slovenia at the 2010 World Cup, but Terry's salmon dive didn't prove as effective as Iniguez's. Then again, Terry didn't lose any teeth doing his, either.

The match ended 0-0 (if you don't count those three teeth).

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day/Year: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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