DTotD: Spectators attack visiting team resulting in massive brawl that halts Italian amateur match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

According to Corriere dello Sport, three people have been arrested following a brawl that stopped an amateur match between Giugliano and Volla in Naples, Italy. The violence started when Giugliano fans attacked a Volla player. A fight between the spectators and visiting team then played out behind the goal.

At one point, someone started swinging a plastic chair while people beat each other through the goal's net. There appeared to be three police officers of some sort on the scene, but since they were outnumbered by the brawlers, they took a more passive approach to trying to restore order.

Eventually, everyone ran out of steam and the Volla players were hidden away in the dressing room, leaving the locals to mill around outside. One man carried around the corner flag. The arrests were made after investigators watched video of the incident. A Volla player suffered a nasty cut to the back of head, but that seemed to be the worst of the day's injuries.

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