DTotD: Benfica's Ezequiel Garay stretchered off after taking Pogba boot to the face

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Benfica held Juventus to a scoreless draw in the second leg of their Europa League semifinal, allowing them to advance to their second consecutive final on an aggregate score of 2-1. But as Juve attempted to score the goal they desperately needed in order to play in the final that will be held at their home ground, Benfica defender Ezequiel Garay ended up taking a boot to the face that ensured he wouldn't be celebrating at full time.

Juve's Paul Pogba attempted an overhead kick in a crowded space, but a Benfica defender headed the ball clear before he could connect with it. And on his way back to the ground, the follow through on his kick connected hard with Garay's face as he laid on the ground. The blow opened up a bloody gash and Garay had to be stretchered off.

This is why you should never take a nap under a Paul Pogba overhead kick.

Here's what Garay's face looked like after getting all patched up courtesy of teammate Andre Gomes...

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