DTotD: Argentine defender sees red for punching opponent in the gut

Dirty Tackle

Bolivian champions Bolívar faced Argentina's Lanús in the quarter-finals of the Copa Libertadores on Thursday, but Lanus defender Carlos Izquierdoz didn't see out the full 90 minutes after executing a fairly unsubtle sucker punch.

Lanus were defending a corner in the 59th minute when Bolívar left-back Luis Gutierrez received a swift fist to the abdomen from Izquierdoz (see it in painful-but-necessary slow motion at [1.08] in the clip above). After consulting his linesman, the referee had little choice but to issue a straight red card.

The Lanus defender may have delivered a physical punch to the gut, but Bolívar then delivered a metaphorical one by scoring a goal in the dying minutes to put them through to a Copa Libertadores semi-final bout with the Pope's favorite team San Lorenzo.

H/T: 101GG

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