DT’s horrible holiday gift guide: The Aston Villa bread press

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Throughout the holiday season, we will be trawling official club shops for the items that will make the very best gift ideas for the very worst people on your list. This week: The Aston Villa bread press.

This might be the most useless item ever sold, not just by a football club, but by anyone anywhere. This is the Aston Villa bread press. Your first thought upon seeing it was probably, "Why?" Well, the club shop doesn't offer much help there as the item's description is simply "Aston Villa Bread Press."

But who wants to eat bread with letters smashed into it? Has there ever been an Aston Villa fan who thought, "My sandwiches always taste like turd because they don't have AVFC bludgeoned into them."? Does everyone know that you will never get back the time spent using the Aston Villa bread press?

The bread press is available in one size only and can be ordered in quantities up to 10. It is priced at £4.79, which seems a bit expensive for a bit of plastic.

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