DT Exclusive: Robin van Persie’s first interaction with Tim Krul after their disagreement

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Netherlands teammates Robin van Persie and Tim Krul nearly came to blows while playing on opposite sides of Arsenal's 2-1 win over Newcastle on Tuesday. The following is a transcript of their first meeting since that incident at the Dutch team's hotel for Euro 2012.

Krul: Hey Robin.

RVP: Oh, hey...hey there. Tim, right? How are you...doing?

Krul: Fine. How are you?

RVP: Good. I'm good. Everything is...good.

Krul: Glad to hear it.

RVP: Yeah. Definitely. Definitely glad.

Krul: So. They're making us be roommates here.

RVP: Awesome. That is fantastic. I mean, I can feel that, you know, there's a best friends forever type vibe going on here already. It's there. The vibe is there.

Krul: No it's not.

RVP: Oh. Wait. You're not still upset about that thing, are you?

Krul: Yeah, I kind of am.

RVP: No -- no, don't be like that. We're cool. We're totally cool right now! Dutch brothers! We're Dutch brothers! All for one and one for three. Or something like that.

Krul: Were we Dutch brothers when you accused me of time wasting and got in my face and then said "waste time now" after your team scored a late winner on me and then laughed at me?

RVP: Yes?

Krul: No. We weren't.

RVP: Look, Tom-

Krul: Tim.

RVP: I meant Tim. I totally meant Tim -- brothers are like that sometimes. But brothers always know it's going to be copacetic because there's a love there and...uh...I just lost my train of thought. Wait. OK, look, how about I let you punch me. In the -- well, you can flick me -- flick my finger. One time. As hard as you can. But not that hard. Then we'll be even.

Krul: No. But I am ready to move on. I'm just going to take a shower in our bathroom here. And, you know, I tend to waste time when I'm in there so there might not be any hot water left when you take a shower. The entire time we're here. Dutch brothers.

[Krul locks himself in bathroom, turns hot water on]

RVP: What have I done.