DT Exclusive: Lionel Messi’s post-Clasico berating of Arbeloa and Karanka

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following the first leg of Real Madrid and Barcelona's Copa del Rey semifinal, Lionel Messi confronted Real Madrid assistant manager Aitor Karanka and defender Alvaro Arbeloa in the parking lot. Upset about an incident during the match in which he was patted on the face by Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso, Messi reportedly berated Arbeloa in front of his pregnant wife and daughter and called Karanka "Mourinho's muppet."

When asked about the incident, Jose Callejon said, "The good guys are not as good as people say and the bad guys aren’t as black as they’re painted." Messi's Barca teammate Jordi Alba, meanwhile, felt there was nothing wrong with the confrontation, saying "Mess was just annoyed."

The following is a transcript of what was said in this heated exchange.

Messi: Alvaro!

Arbeloa's daughter: Dad, that boy is talking to you.

Arbeloa: What is it, Lionel?

Messi: I didn't appreciate you and Xabi touching my face during the game.

Arbeloa: It was a love tap. Don't worry about it. Just be thankful Pepe wasn't playing.

Messi: It would be nice if you would apologize and eat ice cream with me to make up for it.

Arbeloa: And if I don't?

Messi: I'll get really angry. You won't like me when I'm really angry.

Arbeloa: And what happens then?

Messi: I'll build a Lego version of you that makes you look mean.

Arbeloa: Oooo I'm scared now.

Messi: Are you? I'm sorry.

Arbeloa: I was being sarcastic. Also, I thought you wanted me to apologize to you.

Messi: And eat ice cream together. Or else.

Arbeloa's daughter: Dad, he seems nice. Can we have ice cream with him?

Messi: See -- she's scared of me. Think of your daughter...and my son have a playdate together.

Karanka: Lionel, your team's bus is about to leave. Just get over this and go home.

Messi: Stay out of it, Aitor. You're just Mourinho's muppet. And by that I mean he probably loves you very much as I do all of my muppets. Especially Fozzie. You are Mourinho's Fozzie Bear! Deal with it!

Karanka: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Messi: That's because I just intimidated you so bad. Now we should probably go have ice cream together.

Karanka: No.

Messi: Alvaro! Where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you. Really? You're just going to walk away and pretend you can't hear me because you're that scared of me? OK then. I didn't want to have to do this, but you're really messi-ing with me now. So here it is: I hope you get a cold. Not a really bad one that could lead to pneumonia and require hospitalization because that would be awful, but one that gives you a sore throat for a few days and a runny nose! A runny nose, Alvaro!

Karanka: He already drove away.

Messi: This is what happens when you make my blood run cold.

Karanka: Whatever.

Messi: I will f***ing cut you!

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