DT Exclusive: Jose Pinto’s unsuccessful attempt at mind games on Cristiano Ronaldo

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Before Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring in the 13th minute of Real Madrid's 3-1 Copa del Rey second leg win against Barcelona, goalkeeper Jose Pinto attempted to play some mind games. Pinto probably thought it important to get in Ronaldo's head early -- especially since this was the first of two Clasicos in a five-day span (though AS has since reported that Ronaldo won't start this weekend's La Liga match as he rests up for Man United on Tuesday).

Marca has since put out a video (below) showing Pinto talking to Ronaldo as he prepared to take his penalty and the first of Ronaldo's two goals that followed. Here now is a transcript of what Pinto said.

Pinto: Can you do this, Cristiano? I'm all hopped up on Pinto Power. You think you can get one by me?

Ronaldo: Yeah.

Pinto: Wow. OK. Just tell me on thing, Cris. Which one of us has a long ponytail full of braids like a cross between Bo Derek and something out of a boyband in 1998? Huh? Here's a hint: It's not you, hard top. It takes me seven hours a day to sculpt my chin hair. That's artistry.

Ronaldo: ...

Pinto: So you're not going to talk? Is that how it is? You're just going to mute up and hope I go away? Xavi tries the same thing, but it's not gonna happen, chicken legs. How many Ballons d'Or do you have? One? Messi has four. He let me touch them once when he wasn't looking. I got that Ballon d'Or juice all over my gloves and I'm going to use it to block your shot. D'Or juice, sucker. D'Or juice.

Ronaldo: ...

Pinto: Oh by the way, I know who your baby's mama is. Yeah, I cracked your secret. It's me. That doesn't make any sense but now it's in your head like a baby in my belly. And, uh-oh, your brain water just broke. Shoot to my right. I dare you. There's no way this can go wrong for me...