DT Exclusive: How David Beckham decided against PSG move

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

David Beckham's move to PSG was assumed to be a done deal, but now, after time spent with his family over the holidays, the Paris club says that he will not sign with them because of family considerations. The following is a transcript of how David reached that decision with the help of his youngest son and family leader, Cruz Beckham.

David: Hey buddy, I have to talk to you about something. ... Your dad got an offer to play football in Paris and it sounds really, really fun. Of course, if I go, I'd want the whole family to come with me. Your mother could do her fashion stuff there, I could be on some new underpants billboards and you kids will have an even better childhood because you won't have to live in the same city as the Kardashians anymore. It would only be for a couple of years and it will give me a chance to win another title in another major city in another country. Plus, we'd come back to LA when I've done that! So what do you think? To recap: Football in Paris, fashion stuff, underpants billboards, Kardashian-free environment and, uh, Claude Makelele.

Cruz: No.

David: OK, good talk.

Photo: Reuters

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