DT Exclusive: Brendan Rodgers gets annoyed by Newcastle’s bids for Andy Carroll

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

New Liverpool manager made it clear that Andy Carroll doesn't fit his plans and that he would be willing to let him go. But with only three strikers in his squad and the transfer window winding now, Rodgers might be forced to keep him around a little longer. This hasn't stopped Newcastle from trying to get Carroll back on the cheap, though, and an offer to take him on loan while Liverpool pays half his wages was rejected. Yet it did succeed in annoying Rodgers.

"There is no way they will do a number on us," he says. "Absolutely no chance — and certainly [not] Newcastle. Newcastle got £35million for this player last year. To even consider wanting to take him on loan is a liberty. There is nothing more on it for me." The following is a transcript of Newcastle managing director Derek Llambias' continued pursuit of Andy Carroll.

Rodgers: Hello?

Llambias: Brendan! This is Derek from Europa League qualifier Newcastle United. How are you?

Rodgers: Fine.

Llambias: That was tough luck against West Brom at the weekend. But hey -- Roy Hodgson got worked over in his first match with Liverpool and now he's manager of England, isn't he?

Rodgers: He is.

Llambias: Anyway, how's Kenny Dalglish doing? We miss him.

Rodgers: I wouldn't know. Look, Derek, I assume your'e calling about Andy. Again.

Llambias: Haha I am, Brendan. I am. I'll get right to it -- we've thought long and hard and we've come up with an offer that I think you'll love more than Newcastle fans love stomach tattoos.

Rodgers: What is it, Derek.

Llambias: For Andy Carroll...a player you do not want or even like...we will give you £8...million. Final offer.

Rodgers: Derek. No. You got £35 million for him just last year. You're taking a liberty and I've had enough.

Llambias: Ok, ok, that was just an offer to see where your head is at. I'm sure living in constant fear of losing your job to Rafa Benitez is difficult so I'll make this easy...£7 million for Carroll and I'll take Charlie Adam too. Final offer.

Rodgers: What? That's two players for even less than you just offered.

Llambias: That's a very generous way to describe Charlie Adam, but yes. It is.

Rodgers: Look, Derek, I couldn't sell Andy right now even if I wanted to. I'm short on strikers as it is and I cannot start the season with one less.

Llambias: Well I'm sure you could pick up Michael Owen. Coming from Man United he'd at least be more popular than Stewart Downing.

Rodgers: That's it. Look, Derek, I know what you're doing and I just don't have the time right now. Goodbye.

Llambias: Wait, wait wait. Wait. Wait...wait. No more messing around. Demba Ba and £5 million for Andy Carroll. Final offer.

Rodgers: Are you being serious?

Llambias: I am.

Rodgers: Well that's an interesting offer, Derek. I'll have to-

Llambias: Hahaha I'm not being serious at all. £3.5 million for Carroll and you continue to pay his wages. Final offer.

Rodgers: Don't call here again, Derek. I mean it.

Llambias: Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow, Brendan. Bye now.

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