Drone over French training session fuels Didier Deschamps' paranoia

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

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Though the French are in a much better place emotionally than four years ago (as evidenced by their delightful tandem rolls in training), manager Didier Deschamps has already displayed an unnerving tendency to veer towards madness. The captain of France's 1998 World Cup winning team has threatened to sue Samir Nasri's girlfriend for her Twitter outrage over her partner's exclusion from the team and warned journalists that he will be keeping files on their movements while they track his players. Now, with the appearance of a drone over one of the team's training sessions, Deschamps has again assumed the worst: HONDURAN SPYING.

Ahead of France's World Cup opener against Honduras, Deschamps expressed his concern. From the AFP:

"Apparently drones are used more and more," said Deschamps, who captained the side to their only World Cup triumph in 1998.

"We don't want intrusion into our privacy. It's hard to fight.

"It's not up to me -- FIFA handles this and has been carrying out an inquiry."

But according to the Telegraph's Ben Rumsby, FIFA has no idea what Deschamps is talking about.

Other reports from the scene of the droning explained that it was operated by a local fan outside the ground who wanted to get a look at the session, but Deschamps will surely track this person down and waterboard them until they reveal the truth of their undoubtedly nefarious plot.

Didier Deschamps says: Suspect everyone. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

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