Dortmund made Arsenal a politely menacing welcome video

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund are back in the Champions League and will open their group-stage campaign by hosting Arsenal. Excited by all this, the club decided to make a little video to welcome their English opponents to the "capital of football" in a passive-aggressively threatening and awkward way.

Every time the video addresses the Gunners, it sounds like the last thing you hear before a fat guy with a neck tattoo sneaks up behind you and smashes a bar stool over your head. Except, instead of that happening, you just see a bunch of dramatic shots of Borussia Dortmund and more foreboding friendliness. Then our two would-be assailants shake hands and walk off with their arms around each other.

In short, this is pretty much the greatest psych-out ever.


" your hour of terror, Gunners. There will be complimentary refreshments...and then there will be pain!"

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